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           NKNOWS Planning and Landscape Design LTD" is a collection of landscape design, tourism planning and architectural design of the international design brand.KNOWS was established in Shanghai by several senior landscape architects. After 8 years of development, KNOWS has created some high quality design works in residential design, tourism scenic spots, commercial complex, hotel resort, office and creative parks etc.

          We adopt international human resources and internationalization operation management, and kept close cooperation with Canada, the United States, Hong Kong company. KNOWS was established by 40 talents people from different countries, different cities and regions. NKNOWS has gathered including tongji university, tianjin university college academic research institutions, as well as tongji architecture design institute, modern group architectural design institute. We had a large number of outstanding professional landscape planning and architectural design strength, and created the conditions for better rooted in Chinese native culture and based on domestic design services.


           "Inheriting the traditional, return to nature" as our design concept, with "customer first" as the service principle, try to set up from creative planning, master planning, detailed planning, architectural design, landscape design until development construction thoroughly service system.

           NKNOWS has a distinguished international design team, including registered urban planners, architects, landscape architects, designers and engineers from Italy, America, UK, Canada, Germany, Southeast Asia and mainland China.NKNOWS highly emphasizes on the importance of a creative and learning environment. The firm has thus designed a comprehensive training system that all staff can benefit.
           The system includes weekly training programs on design technical skills such as case introduction and analysis, working drawing design, and planting design on a frequent basis.
           In our bilingual work environment, both Chinese staff and the foreign staff have chance to practice their foreign languages.
           The firm also organizes site trip every month so that designers can go visit the site and park projects- a practice we believed an indispensable part for creating best design and fostering best designers.The firm has also plenty of benefits for after-work programs, i.e. a travel allowance program which provides support for designers to go abroad and to other parts of China on a yearly basis to encourage the designers to experience and learn from real sites. We also have birthday party every month, weekend sports for staff to relax.
           Welcome to join us!
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